Outreach - Light to the nations

Changed people making a difference

After the lecture phase of your DTS, you’ll get the chance to go out and shake things up a bit in the world! Ten weeks of “outreach” – showing the world who God is. We want everyone to know that Jesus is the way to LIFE! All expenses (with exception of vaccinations, visa, and insurance) are covered in the school fees. This is a unique team experience and life changing meeting with people that have a totally different way of living and faith than you. We do it by going and telling but also by going and DOING! You will be sent out to one of our mission projects as a part of a team. Through friendship, prayer, preaching and offering practical help, you can show God’s heart of love to people who really need to receive it. Outreach is really a taste of missions! It’s a possibility to live for something outside of yourself. Live for something with lasting value. We promise you memories for a lifetime! YWAM’s motto is “To know God and to make Him known.” That’s what we’re about.



Where does the Skjærgårdsheimen DTS go for outreach?

For many years we have been working together with our international field workers that lives abroad , and with local pastors. In this way we have been able to follow the work in the different nations for many years and we are very encouraged to see the changes that the DTS teams make.




Our partner nations:

Honduras: Here we have been working together with YWAM La Mosquitia and Norwegian field workers serving among the Misquito Indians in a swamp area in eastern Honduras.

Thailand: Here we work together with YWAM Way Te Loo and Norwegian field workers serving among the Karen people. The Karen people are refugees from Burma who find shelter in refugee camps along the Thai-Burma border. The Thailand team has also gone to one of the neighboring counties for one month.

Philippines: Here we have contacts with YWAM Cagayan De Oro on Mindano, the island south in the Philippines, and also with the Nehemiah House. We work in slum areas and in different villages and cities.

South East Asia: Contact us and we will give you further information. We work together with a local pastor in the south of the country and with Norwegian field workers serving among an unreached people group in the north. A colorful and beautiful country!


Everyday life on outreach:

The everyday life on outreach is different and includes new experiences that will mark you for life! Imagine the experience of sharing the word of God in a small bamboo church where the pastor is so excited that you came and really believes in you! The church members have maybe never heard of what the Bible says about who God is, and they themselves are illiterate and unable to read the word of God. Or what about praying for a lady with great back pain in an open air meeting and experience that God’s power comes through her and she is healed. Imagine being able to play with, teach, and give precious attention to beautiful children that are almost left to themselves at an orphanage. That’s investment! What about seeing a local youth give his life to Jesus and some years after you hear that he is a part of running a growing Christian ministry in the area? And imagine the wonderful experience of seeing prostitutes leave their lives at the bars to get work training that gives them job possibilities. Jobs create income. The children can again live at home together with their parents. The time of prostitution is over. God heals hearts through conversations and prayer. New homes. New societies.

Actually, we are going on outreach to GIVE. Give what God has given us. Give and bless. Encourage and inspire. But when it all comes to an end for those who go on an outreach, what we are left is that we have received much more then we have ever given.  This is what we call “to be blessed.” “Give and you will receive” says the word of God.

Do you want to join the next outreach?