The DTS Staff

On the DTS there are staff there to help you have a good experience during your time at DTS. The DTS staff lead small groups, have mentoring conversations with you, lead prayer and worship, participate in the teachings, take care of practical areas of the school, pray for you, and lead the outreach teams.

To be a DTS staff you have to have taken a DTS yourself. Some of the staff took DTS last year while others, several years ago. What they all have in common is a commitment to a calling in life. They live in a close relationship with God and want you to be able to experience it as well.

DTS at Skjærgårdsheimen is lead by Else Iren and other staff. She is looking forward to work together with you in the coming DTS. Get ready to grow and experience God in new ways!

” God has made our lives rich and exciting – and we would love to help you to experience that as well! To learn to know God and make him known is an investment in life that we would love everybody to experience. You are welcome to join us!” – DTS Staff