The teaching

DTS is known for life changing teaching. It’s all about you knowing God. Knowing who He is. Knowing what His word says. Know  the truth that sets free. Experiencing His presence. Hearing Him speak. Developing a relationship. Having courage to follow your faith. It’s about following Jesus in your daily life. Topics and teachers change a bit from year to year, but many of our teachers come back each year.




Teachers and topics from for this fall:

(stay posted! We will update the list when more more teachers are confirmed)

Marianne Braseth: The Character of God and our identity in Christ
Marianne is from Norway and has been a part of this base for many years. She has a great gift in communicating and she inspires us to live with God through not only her teaching, but also the life that she lives. This is a great start to the DTS, and it sets the focus on knowing God and who we are in Him. This is definitely leave you with valuable truths for the rest of your life.

Tormod Bakkevold: Evangelism
Tormod lives in Søgne, and is engaged in several ministries in Kristiansand. One of them is a ministry of evangelization through B-city, an initiative to go out and preach to gospel in the city each week. He preaches from experience and has a wonderful and refreshing way of teaching evangelization. With his dedication and the lifestyle he lives, he inspires us to share our faith with joy.

Tove Poulsen: Discipling the nations and Biblical worldview
Tove is from Denmark and is a part of the leadership team for YWAM Northern Europe. Tove encourages us to see God’s heart for all areas of society through the history in the Old Testament.  The Gospel is not only meant to influence the church, but also the government, families, education, economics, communication, science/technology, art and entertainment. This is a much-needed, very relevant and not often heard teaching!

Solfrid Quist: Prayer/hearing God’s voice/spiritual warfare
Solfrid lives in Kristiansand, but travels all over the world to teach. She has led YWAM-work both in Denmark and England, and has previously led the hospital ship Anastasis. She is also involved in Mercy Ships with her husband Erling. Solfrid loves Jesus, is grounded in God’s word and has a clear and distinct teaching the sets people free. She has rich experience in prayer and with the guidance of The Holy Spirit, and challenges us to practice our faith wherever we are.

Sigmund Evensen: The Bible
Sigmund has for years led Wycliffe Norway and is now a senior adviser for the organization. He has a burning love for God’s Word and the nations. Together with his family he lived 19 years in Papua New Guinea among the Umanakaina people. Together with his wife Ingjerd, he created the written language for this tribal people and worked with Bible translation and discipleship. Now he lives in Bærum, Norway. In an inspiring way Sigmund challenges you to take the Great Commission seriously, make the Bible accessible to all people groups, and be obedient to what God is calling you to do – no matter what.

Francois Botes: Worship and the prophetic
Francois Botes was born in South Africa and became a believer in 1980. At that time he was studying classical piano and singing. Since 1988, he has been in full-time ministry. He is based in the UK but travels and serves in many different nations. His ministry has a unique combination of teaching and prophetic singing.