DTS tracks

Destiny DTS – One school, three focus tracks.

This year’s DTS has three different focus tracks: Reaching the Unreached, Reaching the Broken, and Reaching the Rising Generation. Each tracks is distinct with focuses on missions, counseling, and leadership training, respectively. We want to equip young people in different areas to be equipped to go wherever God leads. God is raising up a new generation of young people to live radically for Him, and we wish to be a part of that.

In the lecture phase the whole DTS has combined teaching. In addition, there will be 3 hours set aside every week for the different tracks. There will also be one focus week where the different tracks have separate teaching with their teachers. This year’s practical week and outreach will also be focused on the track you are choosing.

Other than that the DTS will be one big fellowship. Teachings, small groups, social events, and worship will take place together as one school.


Reaching the Unreached – Mission

Is your dream to be a part of His dream? To write His story? To be the first to share Jesus with someone? To travel to the unreached and see God’s heart for the nations? This track will equip you for cross-cultural missions. Get ready to see the Great Commission with new eyes.

Today, there are 6,600 unreached people groups amounting to more than 3 billion people who have never heard the gospel! Skjærgårdsheimen has always had a heart for and a focus on reaching unreached people groups since we started in 1994. As a base we have adopted several unreached people groups. Our dream is to see them worship God in their own language and culture. Through the mission track we want to train and equip young people with a heart for missions and unreached people groups. We want everyone to see that missions is not only for a few chosen ones. Rather, we all are called to be a part of fulfilling the Great Commission that God has given to us.

In this focus track, you will get new knowledge about culture and communication, biblical principles for mission, and how to share the gospel. You will learn how you can be a part of missions with your giftings, passions, and interests. During the lecture phase, you will meet people with many years of mission field experience in different countries. Do you want to be inspired and challenged by what God does among the people groups? And to find out how you can be a part of making a difference for eternity? You will not be the same afterwards.

Date: 9. Sept 2017 – 17. March 2018    Price: 43.900,- NOK



Reaching the Broken – Counseling

Do you have a heart to bring healing and restoration to a world that is broken? Are you longing for people to be set free in God? You were created for relationships. With God. With other people. We will give you practical tools to lead people to freedom and wholeness.

The world is full of broken people and relationships. God is longing to bring freedom and restoration into every situation. Do you want to understand and learn more about how to help people in difficult situations in their life? We believe in inner healing and God’s power that restores. Counseling is an important part of helping people live a whole and restored life.

Through the counseling track you will get the opportunity to share and talk about your own life and experiences. You will get a bigger picture of how we can be Jesus’ hands and feet, and be able to help other people. You will be equipped to serve plus gain useful tools along the way.

Date: 9. Sept 2017 – 17. March 2018    Price: 43.900,- NOK

Reaching the Rising Generation – Ledertrening

Are you a leader? Do you have a heart for leading others? God raises up a new generation to lead by example. We believe in championing young people. You will be equipped as a young leader. We will walk together with you, train you, and help you to develop the leadership skills that God has given you.

The world today needs young Christian leaders who have the courage and willingness to be in the front lines and lead. We need people who choose not to be passive but want to step up and take responsibility to create change and growth.

On the Leadership Training track you will get an introduction to biblical examples and principles on leadership. Maybe you already are a part of a youth group. We will give you the tools and knowledge of how to grow yourself and at the same time lead others.

In March, when the outreach is finished, we plan and lead short mission trips for youth groups to Europe through Mission Adventures. In addition to getting good teaching and knowledge about leadership in this track, you will get the opportunity to put it into practice. This is going to be exciting!

Date: 9. Sept. 2017 – 3. July 2018

From March 18. – July 2nd, we are arranging and leading mission trips to Europe!

Price: 48.900,- NOK (9 months)