How to get involved



Throughout the whole Bible, we find a common thread expressing God’s heart for the nations. We can see throughout all of history how he has been involved in and focused on making His name known and glorified among the nations. We believe that God has invited us to be a part of what he is doing around the world, reaching out to the unreached and making his name known. If God has challenged and inspired you in this area, we would love to partner with you and connect you with some of our missions projects around the world. Skjærgårdsheimen might be a tool for you to help you put these things into practice!


One-year Team

After completing a DTS (Discipleship Training School), you are able to apply to be on a one-year team. We send out teams every fall working closely together with some of our projects on the field. You will get the opportunity to learn from and be mentored by experienced field workers, and at the same time use your talents into the ministry. This is a great opportunity to serve, make a difference and learn about your gifts

From August 2016- June 2017 we are sending teams to Turkey and China!

In Turkey you’ll get the opportunity to work closely with experienced fieldworkers. Ministry possibilities through church planting, teaching english, learning language and culture, friendship evangelism, prayer and worship.

In China they are running a bakery where locals are employed. There is also an english club there. Other areas of serving could be through music, IT/Web, learning language and culture, prayer and discipling locals.

Before, throughout and after the time i Turkey/China you’ll get teaching, follow up and debrief from Skjærgårdsheimen.

If you like more infomration please contact us here.

Partner agreement – for long termers

If you are planning to go out into missions for two years or more, you can apply to be accepted for a partner contract with Skjærgårdsheimen. This is an agreement with commitments from both sides. YWAM may be able to assist with advice and guidance in your preparations for departure, insurance and an application for admission for your National Insurance (NAV abroad), in addition to intercession and contact while you are out and debriefing during visits back home. To apply for a partnership agreement, one must have completed DTS. You must also plan on being involved in some ministry at Skjærgårdsheimen some time before departure. Please contact us for more details if you are interested in going out. We will be happy to help you.

Contact agreement – for long termers

If you want to stay connected to YWAM when you are on the field, but have another organization or church that sponsors you, you can contact us about our “contact agreement”. Through this agreement, you will still be connected to the YWAM environment and receive communication from the base. This agreement carries fewer conditions than a partner agreement and may be signed for one year or more at a time. Contact us for more information.

Mission Adventures

Bring your youth group or individuals from your church for a missions experience during a holiday! We will facilitate a program to serve you well – both in preparations as well as training and the actual mission outreach. This is an investment that can impact your team for life and equip them for years to come! For more information click here. (link to MA)

Family Adventures

We may also facilitate for families who want to travel on mission trips, through Family Adventures. You can choose to spend your family vacation in a unique way, building precious experiences together as a family together with other families. Get in touch with us for further information!


Prayer makes an important difference! If you want to commit to pray on a regular basis for some of our field workers or projects, please contact us for more information. You will receive regular updates on the projects you will be involved with.


You can support missions by contributing financially to projects and field workers. None of the field workers in YWAM receive a salary or financial support from the organization. Please contact us about giving to specific projects or partnering with us.

Support team

It means a lot for the field workers to experience support from back home. Encouragement through emails, a surprise in the post, someone helping out with a place to live or a car to drive when visiting their home country, or someone coming out to pay a visit on the field means a lot. This could be an exciting and important way for you to engage in missions.