Mission Adventures


How many can be in a group?
There is no limit to the size of a group, but there should be minimum 3 persons. Individuals without a group can ask to join another group. We would like each team to have between 15-25 students, so smaller groups might be placed in a bigger team. This will be communicated in advance.

Are there other groups that come to the training and outreach?
There are more groups from the whole country who come to the training camp. During the Summer we gather around 50 youth. Your group will maintain its identity as a group, and you will also have group gatherings every day. On the mission trip you will either travel alone as a group or together with 1-2 other groups, depending on your size.

How many leaders do you recommend to be in one group?
We recommend 1-3 leaders in the group.

What’s my role as a youth leader?
You are responsible for your group and will always have the “last word” in situations. You will be released from practical responsibilities so that you can focus on the youth and the ministry.

What’s the age limit for the youth?
The minimum age is 15 years old, but it’s up to you as the leader to decide if you want to bring younger members. There is no maximum age limit.

I’m by myself as a leader, can you provide more leaders?

We would love to help out with leaders, and our staff can help you follow up the youth. Let us know early on if you need more leaders.

Do we need travel insurance? Yes, everyone needs to have travel insurance. You also need to bring proof of it with you. Be aware that youth under 21 years are often still covered by their parents insurance, check that out.

What about the passport?
Everyone needs their own passport and it needs to be valid until 3 months after we returned from MA. That’s important.

Accommodation, what’s it like?
On the training camp we live in either rooms with beds or on mattresses on the floor. On outreach you must be ready to sleep on floors with your own mattress and sleeping bag.