Open Meetings


On a regular basis through the year we invite for open meetings. Evenings of fellowship, worship and teaching. You are welcome to join us! You will hear from teachers in our schools, in addition to testimonies and experiences from our staff, students and missionaries, giving you a glimpse of what God is doing at Skjærgårdsheimen and on the mission field.

These meetings are normally on Wednesdays at 19:30. Please check the website or our facebook page for more details. We will update the dates and speakers once they are set. After the meetings, we invite you to join us for coffee and cakes. Our heart is that these evenings will serve as a time of connection to build friendship with one another and God, and that you will leave inspired!

Dates for open meetings fall of 2017:

20.September 7.30 pm Marianne Braseth
15.November 7.30 pm Francois Botes
6.December 7.30 pmTove Poulsen


If you like information about the open meetings please let us know here and we will put your e-mail on a mailing list.