Part time options – BSN

BSN Part-Time Options

Even though we recommend taking the full BSN course, we recognize that for some this is not possible. That is why we make the course available to do part time also. Taking the BSN part time can be done while living at the YWAM center or in housing you have arranged on your own. 

Three Options: 

1. Option One: Includes coming to class, worship and intercession. Also includes a weekly small group and a weekly meeting with a one on one.

2. Option Two: This includes Option One, together with doing all the Bible reading (throughout the school, we read the whole Bible). 

3. Option Three: This includes Option One, in addition to doing the major projects assigned in the school. Those projects are the following: research & teach a minor prophet, a Kingdom of God project during the Gospels, research & teach an epistle and to develop a discipleship plan for a community that you are invested in. 

We strongly recommend being a part of the BSN global outreach where you will see what you learn impact others. But we also recognize that it is harder for some to be away from life and family for two months. 

The price for attending the 16 weeks of the BSN lecture phase part time and living at the YWAM center is 23 800 NOK. The price for taking the BSN lecture phase part time and living in housing you have arranged yourself is 11 000 NOK. The price for outreach varies between 10 000 – 22 000 NOK and depends on location.

Contact us if part time BSN is something you are interested in. We want to tailor an option that suits your needs and life best.