Mission projects


Unreached people group in the Himalayas

There are still many unreached people groups in the world. It is estimated that there are around 5900 people groups who have not received the Gospel. One of these groups is the Kumaoni people in the Himalayas. Skjærgårdsheimen has been focusing on this people group for several years.

Among this unreached people group there is only an estimated 0.01 % Christians. Our vision is to see at least 10 % of this people as true worshipers of Jesus. The work among the Kumaoni people includes different ministries and projects, such church planting, a language centre, work among women and an exciting prayer ministry.


The Karen people

In the northern parts of Thailand you will meet the Karen people. They are originally from the mountains in Burma and are about 7 million people. Approximately 400,000 of this minority group live in Thailand. They have been forced to flee their native Karen State since the Second World War and many of them are situated in refugee camps at the border between Thailand and Burma.

Skjærgårdsheimen has been involved in ministry among the Karen people since 1998. In 2004, our field workers pioneered a YWAM base in Way Te Loo, close to the city Mae Sot, along the border to Burma. At the base they run a DTS for Karen youth, family ministry and different forms of training and teachings. In the fall of 2012, one of our field workers pioneered the Damola Project. “Damola” is the Karen word for “hope,” and this project offers employment to Karen women in a poor and remote village and gives them the possibility to work and improve the lives of their families. Follow the project on facebook,


The Miskito Indians in Honduras

La Mosquitia is the most remote and isolated area in Honduras. You find around 40,000 Miskito indians located here. Due to extreme poverty and simple living conditions, the area has become a target for the drug traffic from South America. Even though many people in La Mosquitia would call themselves Christians, the need for genuine discipleship is enormous. YWAM Kristiansand has had workers in La Mosquitia since 2000, and in 2007 they pioneered a base for YWAM La Mosquitia in the village Ahuas. The base has run 6 DTSes so far (as of 2013), mainly with Miskito Indian students. In 2010 they pioneered a Christian elementary school for the locals, educating about 50 pupils from preschool to fourth grade (in 2013), and expanding with one grade every year.

YWAM La Mosquitia wants to reach out to the whole family and is involved in local churches, in addition to hosting teams coming in from different nations.


Mercy Ministry in Cambodia

Ole Martin and Dary Mydland are running different types of projects in Cambodia. One of their projects is called White Doves, a rehabilitation project for former prostitutes in Siem Reap. The project teaches the girls to read and write, sew and make cards, which are later sold. They are also offered Bible teaching and training.

The Mydlands are also running a centre for young street boys, a water project and children’s ministry in the slum.


Families Together in Burma

Families Together was started by Lill Randi and Stig Rune Skaran in 2006 to strengthen the education for children in remote villages in Burma. It has been normal for children down to the age of four to be sent off for school in the cities. This results in these children staying in orphanages due to the lack of good schools at the countryside. Lately, there has been more focus on the problems children may face after growing up in orphanages. Many of these problems may have been avoided if children could live at home with their parents. Families Together starts and supports schools in the villages to make it possible for children to stay with their families. For 35 NOK a month you can provide school for one child in Burma through this project.



Training at Hawaii

 Several of our field workers serve at the University of the Nations campus at Kona, Hawaii. This is the main campus for YWAM worldwide.

At Kona there is a great focus on facilitating for the whole family together in ministry, and our field workers are involved in training and equipping children and grownups to bring the Gospel to the nations.



Do not hesitate to contact us for further information concerning some of these projects or to share about what God has put on your heart concerning missions!

Together we can take part in fulfilling the Great Commission!